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Luke Sanderson

I'm a drummer and drum tutor.

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I'm based in nipaluna/Hobart, Australia, and I've been playing drums since my parents first bought me a kit as a teenager. Years later, I've made so many friends and memories through music. I've tackled a mix of musical genres from old country to technical death metal, and played shows of all sizes.

I love making a living through music, and I'm always eager to branch out and work with more people. I also love to share my experiences and passion with students. If you're in need of a drummer, or want to level up your own playing, drop me a line!

Drum Lessons

Learn the drums

My dedicated space in Kingston, Tasmania for drum lessons

Private tuition, tailored for your goals

I offer private drum lessons from my space in Kingston, Tasmania for anyone wishing to get started or tune up. I have 30 minute and 60 minute blocks available, with the latter being my recommendation for mature and advanced students.

The drum kit is a fun and approachable instrument to learn for all folk, and it is never too late to start. Many are worried by the physically intense nature of the instrument, and although indeed a phyisical instrument, there are no athletic prerequisites for contemporary drumming. Good habits will allow you to play almost effortlessly!

So, if you just bought your first kit, got back into playing or want to dial some aspects as an already established player, let's tee something up!

Get in touch via email or the contact form below!


30 Minute Lesson | $40 AUD
60 Minute Lesson | $75 AUD

Video Guides
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ABN: 93 898 502 749

Drum Doctor

Drum Kit Servicing & Setups

Servicing, setups & consultation for schools and individuals

Someone call the doctor!

The drum kit is a inherently complicated instrument, with so many different parts, a cumbersome tuning process and so many non-solutions being marketed online. Some brands even design their drum heads with the 'out-of-tune' sound as a priority. This is telling of how often drum kit care is misunderstood or overlooked. Broken heads, tape on everything, threaded screws, debris in the shells, broken stands and cheap B8 or brass cymbals make for a very poor representation of what a drum kit is supposed to sound like. I can help here!

Attention: School Music Departments

Unless a drummer is frequently on-site and keeps the kits in order, they are likely in serious need of maintenance and cleaning. Drum kits rust and accumulate stores of dust and bacteria from neglect. Particles are launched into the air when the drums are played which can be problematic for those affected by asthma, eczema or hayfever. Cymbals and stands that wear can present sharp edges and burrs, and I've known cheap stools to collapse in a manner that can cause serious injury (low weight tolerances/unsteady/pole piercing inadequate seat plate). Guitars aren't played with rusty strings and pianos are always tuned by a professional. Drum kits require the same level of care!

See below the services I offer and, if I can help, get in touch via email or the contact form at the base of this page!


On location
$75/hr + travel fee

Collection & return
Request a quote

Digital Tax Invoices
Payable via transfer, card or cash
ABN: 93 898 502 749

Replacing Heads

Drum heads are like guitar strings in that over time, even if not broken, they wear and lose their tone. There are a staggering number of options for new heads, so it pays to have expert advice on the best option. Reskinning a kit in one go is more cost effective so if a few of the heads are tired, it might be time to freshen up the lot.

Tuning & Dampening

Average kits with good heads that are in-tune will always sound better than an expensive flagship kit with old heads that are out-of-tune. If the drums sound slappy, annoyingly ringy or are covered in tape, chances are they need a tune. Let's sort that out!

Want to learn to tune yourself? Let's book a lesson!

Strip & Clean

You'd be amazed how much gunk and grime a drum kit can accumulate. Dust, dirt, and all manner of other nasties work their way into the hardware and inside the shell, wearing bits out, and otherwise making it feel a bit 'meh' to play. With every hit, dust and germs are launched into the air. A strip down, clean and polish can be all the difference in making a kit feel and look brand new, and you may not need that air purifier after all!

Servicing & Setups

Above: Upgrading my Iron Cobra pedals with skateboard bearings and auto grease. They are the only set of double pedals I've ever needed to own.

Did you know that hardware can be serviced? Pedals in particular benefit the most with so many settings and moving parts prone to squeaks and wear. You can even upgrade bits for future-proofing or better performance. I've had a number of players about to sell or bin their pedals shocked at how dramatic a difference a few tweaks can make. If it's decent gear, chances are it can be fixed!

Repairs & Parts

It can be confusing finding the right parts for a kit that is missing some. In the case of school kits and house kits, often missing parts go unnoticed. To make matters even more difficult, you have parts that are sized in metric and imperial. Seeing an expert will save you time and money by getting the right parts straight away.

Sometimes the existing parts just need attention. Tuning instability due to tension rods coming loose can be aided. Rusty lugs, hoops and other hardware can be tidied up. We can even re-wrap drums for a new look or upgrade tom mounts!

Advice & Sales

Whether you're looking to find the right gear, confused by the vocabulary on listings, unsure what something is worth or want to plan on a budget, I can lend you my thoughts from experience in music retail and handling a lot of the gear myself.

I can help with finding the right gear for the right price if you're looking to buy or with putting together a sales pitch and price if you're looking to sell, or even organising a consignment sale. You can often get much more for much less if you know what to look for or what to say, especially if you're outfitting a school music department or are offloading gear on behalf of another person or entity.


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Deep Friars

Progressive rock

Befriending Birds,
Singing With Snakes

Deep Friars

Joe Vere


Hard Rock / Metalcore


Slow Burn

Japan Town
Coconut Shy

Drown The Anchor
Minds In Motion

Kick Ons

Cover Band
Jess Clennet, Sean Hall,
Luke Sanderson, Eric Amani


Cover Band
Sam Adkins
Luke Sanderson, Josh Willcox


Soul / Blues

Studio & Live

Need a drummer?

My dedicated space in Kingston, Tasmania for drum lessons

Book me for studio sessions or live performances!

Need drums on your song? Drop me a line! I've spent countless hours in the various studios around Hobart and know many of the owners and engineers quite well. I have a mix of snares, kits and cymbals to choose from as well as a long list of influences. I can work with you to achieve your ideas, add my own or any combination of the two to achieve a complimentary drum part that you're absolutely stoked with. If you're looking for a drummer for live performance, I can also help!

I am booking studio sessions and live performances on a quote basis. Please use the contact form at the base of this page for expressions of interest or email me directly.


Gear List:

I have different kits, snares and cymbals to choose between when putting together drum takes. The gear that I have is carefully curated to cover a wide range of tonalities for any record. See below what I have.

Modern Kit -- Gretsch Brooklyn in Red Oyster

This kit is my go-to for most applications because of its consistency, tuning stability and hi-fi nature. This along with the USA Custom and Broadkaster make up Grestch's flagship kits.

I have this kit in a 20/16/14/12/10 configuration with an additional 22" matching Catalina Maple bass drum.

Vintage Kit -- Yamaha C-220 in Red Thunder 1967

This kit was one of the first kits Yamaha ever made, using the same birch wood that went into their grand pianos. These were hand made in Japan and sound similar to a Ludwig, but with a bit more "crunch" thanks to the 30° bearing edges.

I have this kit in a 20/16/13 configuration with a 14x5 snare drum in Yellow Dragon.

Mini Kit -- Pearl Midtown in Black Gold Sparkle

I picked this kit up in a trade with the idea of smaller cafe/bar gigs in mind. It's small enough to carry easily in one trip and gets me in and out of rehearsals and small stages without taking up all the floor space. Tuned up and mic'd, it actually packs quite the punch.

I have this kit in a 16/13/10 configuration.

Snares -- Modern/Vintage

I have a few different snares that each record brilliantly and cover a lot of ground. Whether you need dry & tight, big & thick or fuzzy & rattly, I can cater to any hi-fi or lo-fi vibe.

Cymbals -- Articulate/Washy

I have a roster of cymbals which I routinely mix up. These are mostly a mix of Meinl Byzance and Masterwork Cymbals. I have a set of 14" Zildjian hi-hats from the 1960s that see a lot of action as well as splashes, stacks and chinas.